Christina Aguilera CD review

By Ericka Perez


Christina Aguilera’s new album was released last Tuesday. Her voice has always been amazing and her music has been filled with emotion and style, but her recent releases have not been the same. The newest album Lotus was not her best.

There are 17 tracks in the album’s deluxe edition. Some of the songs on the CD are “Your Body,” “Red Hot Kind of Love,” “Cease Fire,” “Make the World Move,” “Let There Be Love” and “Shut Up.”

Although this album was expected to be a hit; it did not turn out that way. According to sites like “Daily Double,” her CD sales have not been what were expected, the final results of her sales are not out yet, but it does not look good for the pop singer.

Her voice did not sound as it use to, once full of life and color throughout her album. Some of her songs on Lotus seem to be talking about not giving up and being strong. Other songs are flirty giving the album some variety.

“Lotus,” the first song on her album, is about a rebirth. It talks about rising up to the sky from broken pieces and starting all over again. Her voice sounds too robotic and lacks emotion and feeling.

The styles she used in her new album seem to have obscured her voice, in only a few of her songs can you hear her voice and true talent.

In “Army of Me,” her voice sounded plain and simple unlike in “Red Hot Kind of Love” where it sounds playful and happy. “Red Hot Love” is sassy and has a catchy beat but also seems to be repetitive.

Although the lyrics to the song “Make the World Move” ft. Cee Lo Green have variety, some parts of the song are repetitive and other parts of the song sound familiar to other tunes. But this song is still good in its own way considering the lyrics.

Most of her songs seem to be catchy but they get too familiar that it becomes easy to know what comes next. There are a variety of songs, different genres and styles but this did not help her album.

Although this album was recently released the songs have been circling through YouTube for some time. Her CD has been expected since October when she released her album cover and then released the names of her songs.

The songs can be heard on iTunes and YouTube. Perhaps the early release of some of her songs has had a negative impact on her sales.

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