Football transfer is Husky standout

By Cindy Rodriguez

With a record of 30 tackles, four interceptions, four pass break-ups , two force fumbles and recognized for running two kick returns for touchdowns, Charles James “CJ” Dudley originates from Atlanta, Georgia after being born in San Bernardino.

Dudley mentions moving a lot while growing up due to his father’s commitment to the Marines. Charles James Dudley is better known as “CJ.” dudley has been attending East Los Angeles College for about a year.

He transferred his athletic skills from West Hills College which is near Fresno.  While Dudley was attending West Hills College he held the record in kick return yards.

With the height of 6’2″ and the weight of 200 pounds Dudley says “I don’t know why I’m built this way but I was built to play sports.”

He describes his college experience as a journey. He had many scholarships that were offered to him back in his hometown. He briefly talks about an unpleasant situation he got himself into back at home, but doesn’t get into details.

Dudley mentions that the speed bump that slowed him down caused schools to lose interest in his athletic ability. The obstacle that was put in his way is not stopping him from conquering his dreams.

Dudley is currently working towards completing a bachelor’s degree in business management. He wants to own a pharmacy one day. He hopes to get into Cal Berkley. With the huge goals he has set for comes great support from his family back at home.

He tries to talk to his family every chance he gets, because he is very family oriented.  Of course he also has great support from his Steve Mojarro, football head coach. He describes Mojarro as his father figure here in California.

“ELAC is just a huge family, its really good environment  to  play in,” Dudley said. He also says that Mojarro definitely knows what his players need, and does a lot for his out of state students.

The mental support projects in this season being the best season the Huskies have had since 1974. Dudley advises out of state students to keep their focus on what they are really here to do. “It’s all in the mental ability of the player,” Dudley said.

He also talks about how he likes the diversity here at ELAC. “There is not a lot of mixed races back in Georgia,” Dudley said.

Race issues were the reason that he decided to leave the sport he was best in which was baseball.  Back in Georgia there wasn’t a lot of interest shown for black men in baseball. “The coaches just use you till they can’t use you anymore,” Dudley said.

With a lot of politics shown in baseball he decided to leave the sport and focus on football.  All the setbacks he has experienced in the last couple of years in what he describes as his journey. His biggest drive is his ambition of being successful in the NFL.

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