Heart pleases Fanatics

By Danny Castillo

The band, based out of Canada, have released their 14th studio album titled “Fanatic,” and it looks like Ann and Nancy Wilson with the rest of Heart are still rocking hard and making music fans from all over the world will enjoy.

The album starts off nicely with the song “Fanatic” having a pretty rough sounding riff that sets up the album to be a hard rock sounding project, thus making this album much edgier than past projects Heart has done.

Another song fans will love is the rock jam, “Dear Old America.” This song shows Ann Wilson can still sing like no other woman who has been rocking since the ’70s.

This great jam starts off with a nice sounding violin, then gets off with a mid-tempo riff as it builds up, it goes into a bridge where both guitar and violin connect into a nice solo. Ann Wilson comes in after with a powerful voice that puts many female vocalists of today to shame.

A tune Heart was able to create was “Mashalla,” a song that has some inner Led Zeppelin influence but a song that any fan of classic rock would love.

Furthermore, Heart gives fans songs like “A Million Miles Away” and “59 Church.” These two songs are great examples that these ladies can sure jam out some good rock with their voice and guitars.

Heart also gives us good slow jams like “Walkin’ Good” as Nancy Wilson shows us how amazing she sounds rocking out on a slow rock song with her acoustic guitar. This song also features Sarah McLachlan, a Canadian musician, who does a duet with Ann Wilson.

Other songs showing Heart jamming out to slower songs include “Corduroy Road,” “Pennsylvania,” and “Rock Deep,” showing that they can still write songs that show how good they are.

“Pennsylvania” is a song that lets people know that Ann Wilson can still sing like no other, the emotion in her voice lets people feel every word she says means something.

“Fanatic” by Heart might not have classics like “Barracuda” and “Magic Man,” but what this album does have and what it ultimately shows, is women aren’t done when it comes to music.

Definitely recommend people listen to this album, as it shows what true talent is capable of, especially coming from a band that has been rocking since the ’70s.

After all this time, Heart sounds better than some of the mainstream music.

“Fanatic” by Heart would get eight stars out of 10.

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