Model tumbles into fame

By Alfonso Caltitla

Big things come in small packages. It seems like a clichéd expression but it definitely applies to former East Los Angeles College student Jessica Carillo, 20, who became an overnight sensation.

“I never thought I photographed well or people would want to take photos of me. I still don’t,” Carillo said.

After “dip dying” her hair with pink dye and uploading a couple of pictures on a social networking site called “Tumblr,” she soon received messages from well-respected photographers who started booking photo shoots left and right.

Although Carillo didn’t plan any of this to happen, she likes where this took her and what doors it opened.

“I didn’t think I’d get attention to be honest. I did the dip dye right before it became a trend so maybe that worked in my favor,” Carillo said.

Dip dying soon became a trend among teenagers and colors ranged from turquoise to lavender and of course pink.

She said , “It was really weird at first, I thought it was some sort of joke.” This was anything but a joke.

One photographer that stood out was Mark “The Cobra Snake” Hunter, 24, a successful photographer that is mostly known for his party photography and edgy fashion choices.

Carillo describes Hunter as very professional and down to earth.

“I liked working with Hunter, he definitely knows what he wants from a model and executes perfectly, I would love to work again with him,” Carillo said.

A few months ago, Hunter must have seen something in Carillo since he made her the face of his popular website

She describes being the new face of his website as feeling accomplished and on top of the world.

From getting photographed by Hunter to partying with controversial rap group Odd Future, Carillo met some pretty interesting people in such short time.

“I’m never the type to get star struck, but to meet so many well known people in a span of two months was pretty exciting,” Carillo said.

After meeting some big names, she is still humble and down to earth just as before.

Although her major isn’t anything fashion or photography related, she made a promise to herself to not let her modeling interfere with her school work. So far, she has lived up with it.

Carillo managed to transfer out of ELAC and continued her focus in woman’s studies at UCLA. “I like the campus but nothing will top ELAC—the teachers, the campus and overall the memories will be ones I won’t forget,” she said.

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