Undocumented students access to Cal Grant not popular

By Andrea Gonzalez

Here at East Los Angeles College as well as other colleges, undocumented students struggle every semester to pay their tuition because they do not have access to financial aid.

However, starting next year, undocumented students will be able to request the Cal Grant due to the California Dream Act.

The California Dream Act gives undocumented students who meet certain requirements the opportunity to apply for this aid. Although this sounds amazing, there are some students who do not support this act.

Some students who are eligible for financial aid disagree with the new measure. They argue that budget cuts are increasing and that there will be more competition to obtain financial aid.

Legal residents feel sorry for those students, yet they are not willing to share the state money.

An Elan student believes that the California Dream Act is fine because the government is looking for ways to help those students who can’t access financial aid.

However, she would rather help those students in other ways because she knows that this will definitely affect her when requesting the Cal Grant. She thinks there will be less money for her and other students applying.

Another East Los Angeles College student who is a legal resident said that this act is totally unfair because he is a citizen of this country and yet he does not receive any financial aid because the government determined that his parents make too much money.

Yet, he still struggles to pay his education and even has to work. He said that the government should give them that money, instead of using it with illegal students.

Several undocumented students believe that those students are very selfish, because while those students who have financial aid use their money unwisely, such as in the newest electronic devices and even expensive cars. Undocumented students struggle to pay their tuition every semester.

One undocumented student said that those students shouldn’t worry about their financial aid money because they will continue receiving it.

He also added that some of those students who actually receive financial are not so worry about how cuts will affect their education but are more concern how those cuts will affect their personal interests.

The Cal Grants that will be given to undocumented students will be given after legal residents apply.

Even though not all students who receive financial aid use their money unwisely, I do know several students that just go to school for the financial aid money. They attended the first weeks of school until they get their financial aid and then drop out.

Students who do not have the intention of obtaining a degree should allow the undocumented students to receive financial aid that they desperately need.

There are many students who have to work just to pay for their education and the government’s help will really help with those struggles. In addition to paying tuition, prices of books are also becoming an increasing problem.

Among those undocumented students, there are several with a great thirst of success, who are only asking for a little help.

Let’s remember that we would like to have that same chance if we were in their place and the success of our citizens is the success of this country.

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