Respiratory club promotes clean air

BLACK LUNGS ANYONE?-The East Los Angeles College Respiratory Club brings actual “pigs’ lungs” to demonstrate the harmful effects of tobacco smoking at their “Smoke Out” held yesterday, Nov. 27. CN/Edward Singleton.


By Edward Singleton


The East Los Angeles College Respiratory Club, in association with the ELAC / Santa Monica College Respiratory Therapy Program set up a Smoke Out station yesterday to promote the importance of clean air for everyone.

The Smoke Out station, equipped with pigs lungs, one healthy and one blackened by smoke-induced carcinogens, served to show the hazards of smoking cigarettes.

“Our goal is to promote clean air and a healthy, smoke-free environment for everyone,” said Miguel Olivares, outreach specialist with Glendale Adventist Medical Center.

“Young men of color are disproportionately much more likely to smoke than any other demographic. They are tempted by its forbidden-fruit status.

“We want to show exactly what cigarettes do to your lungs,” Olivares said.

Smoke-free Hello Kitty stickers and prizes were awarded to students who participated in activities, including a test in which they could measure their lung capacity could observe the effects of smoking by inflating both pigs lungs on display.

The ELAC Respiratory Club plans to continue promoting awareness and has started a Clean Air Coalition Petition to ban smoking in public places in Monterey Park and other cities.

Students can sign the petition at the Respiratory Department located in C2 room 126a.

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