East LA college registration should be offered online

By Max Perez

Classes are increasingly getting tougher to add at ELAC. More people are continuing with higher education marking a record high for college attendance.

By contrast, the chances of getting the classes you actually want is declining, unless you are an EOP&S member, DSP&S, a veteran or foster student.

A way to register for a class and actually get it during winter may be to sign up for EOP&S so priority is given to you.

Other than that, there are not too many other options. This could pressure students who also go to work or volunteer their time somewhere else while still attending school.

If they have a busy schedule, there may not be enough time to go out and look for these organizations that can help you register early.

It seems like ELAC used a tactic this semester in which they offered registration for winter in person before making it available online.

During the first week of registration for winter this year, the only way to register was to come to campus, have all of the information regarding your class, get an add slip and hope the universe worked with you.

If not, then like many others, the only remaining hope left is that the class you want is, in some way, available when posted online for the rest of the Elans.

It is either that or by a divine miracle people miss the first day and you are lucky enough to get their seat.

If ELAC were to have the classes for winter session available online from the start this might give some type of leeway to Elans with more than school on their plate.

Every person should still have their registration date.

This is in case they do not have the time to come to the campus and sign up.

Classes should be online so that it may be possible to sign up at work, at home, or even on the go for those with smart phones.

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