Dedicated Christina Aguilera fan gets over 3 million views

No. 1 Fan-East Los Angeles student Carlos Gomes created a website for Christina Aguilera and it has over 3 million hits. CN/Danny Vasquez


By Alejandra Carrillo


Carlos Gomez, a Psychology major at East Los Angeles College and self-proclaimed as Christina Aguilera’s number one fan, began a fan page dedicated to her that has gotten a little over 3 million hits.

Gomez, who is soon to be a graduate of Cal State University, Los Angeles, started his fan page three years ago with hopes of connecting Aguilera fans worldwide.

He became a fan of Aguilera in 1999, at the age of twelve. During Gomez’s school years, his friends did not appreciate Aguilera as much as he did, but that did not get in the way of his admiration for her.

“When I was in high school my friends would make fun of me but now they accept it. They even give me stuff with her face on it,” Gomez said.

He has met her more than ten times at CD signings and at concerts. Gomez’s extensive Aguilera collection ranges from 1000 cut out pictures of her to all her albums and even a $70 collectors’ edition vinyl set.

“If I were to estimate, I’d say everything of hers that I own could be worth a couple thousand dollars,” Gomez said. Adding to this, Gomez also has a perfume bottle, a couple magazines, a book and a CD all autographed by Aguilera.

“I am not planning on selling anything of hers [that I own]. Maybe when I am older but I really don’t think so,” Gomez said.

Gomez’s appreciation for Aguilera is beyond her looks, lyrics and music.

He admires her generosity to charities such as the World Food Program (WFP). In fact, Gomez adds how Hilary Clinton recently awarded Aguilera with the humanitarian award.

“I like how she stays humble about her donations I also believe she is the first musician to be honored with that award,” Gomez said.

Gomez became computer savvy after he was introduced to Mypsace. Myspace helped him familiarize himself with HTML coding, which is the foundation for creating a website.

It was then that he, along with a friend, decided to start a fan page for Aguilera. “It started as a hobby and took us a little over a year to get one million hits/views,” said Gomez.

Gomez adds how he did not expect much from this website. His intentions were to simply connect Aguilera fans that appreciate and admire her in a positive way.

“There are many other Christina Aguilera fan pages that have negative comments towards her. There are also many fan sites that are not daily updated,” Gomez said.

There is a promising future ahead for, Gomez’s site. According to Gomez, he interacts with Dateline NBC, MTV and a couple other well-known networks via online.

These networks contact Gomez so that his site helps them trend stuff.

Most importantly, this fan page has helped him keep in contact with Aguilera’s bodyguard, choreographer, hair and make-up artist, wardrobe stylist and of course, other fans.

Gomez hopes that this fan site brings him closer to Aguilera so that she knows more about the site and becomes more vocal about it.

If he would ever be face to face with Aguilera, Gomez says he would be too excited to say anything. “I would get excited and star struck, I don’t think any words would come out my mouth,” Gomez said.

Gomez believes Aguilera has not yet contacted him because then she would have to get to know more fans.

“I’m sure she knows about me. She just doesn’t communicate with me because then she would have to communicate with all her fans,” Gomez said.

Gomez does not plan on taking the site down any time soon. He hopes that people become more aware of it so that he can sell advertising space.

“If I become too busy I will probably stop updating the site daily but I am still going to update it more than other sites and I am not taking it down,” said Gomez.












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  1. Great Job!!! I am so happy ’cause aguileraonline make u feel like u re connected with Christina Aguilera in a way !!!! I started following Xtina late 99 , It was Like Jesus what A Voice as well so Beautiful !!! then she got me trap with That Signature , Unique Style , so perfect etc etc !!! I could say Xtina is The Queen of invention or origination of any new thing love that !!! LOTUS is a Must HAve !!!

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