Elan rediscovers volleyball

CN/Dulce Carrillo
ELAN RETURNS-2012 volleyball starter Che Shian, who played the sport in her native Taiwan, said she will return to the team next season. She returns as a veteran. CN/Dulce Carrillo

By Dulce Carrillo


Arriving to the United States from Taiwan with a great passion to play volleyball, Che Shian Hung made it in time to join the 2012 East Los Angeles College women’s volleyball team.

Before coming to the US, Hung played sports in her high school. She was in boxing, played volleyball and participated in other school activities.

“My school was small and wasn’t great in sports, but I can’t live without sports,” Hung said.

When she joined the ELAC team, she had to learn to play volleyball with rotations that she never encountered before. “Playing volleyball here in ELAC was different from the way I would play it in Taiwan,” Hung said.

She played volleyball in Taiwan by having the six players on both sides of the court and just tossing the ball back and forth.

Hung’s positions on the ELAC volleyball team are as a setter, middle front and sometimes played back row.

“Coach Walker really knows how to play the sport, and he made me love the sport much more,” Hung said.

Before trying out for the team, she was nervous and did not know anyone. However, once she made it in the team everything changed. She met new people and the team helped Hung feel welcome at ELAC.

Since she was new to ELAC and to the country, she considers her volleyball team her second family and a great source for help and support.

“When I would have trouble with some words in English, I would go to my teammates for help,” Hung said. She also said that her team taught her a few words in Spanish including how to count from one to ten.

Even though, she enjoys going out with her teammates, her grandmother, who she lives with at the moment, does not let her out much because she is new here.

Outside of the women’s gym, Hung is hoping to transfer from ELAC to a UC and major in economics. “Since I’m going to need money in this country, why not learn how to make good money?” Hung said.

She said that this fall semester will probably be her only easy semester. She is taking two math classes and she finds math easy.

Since she will be living in this country for a while, she believes that learning English will become easier and she knows she will become fluent in the language with practice.

Hung is in the International club and through it has  met people born and raised in Taiwan like herself. She feels at home when she gets to talk their language and get away from speaking English. She has also met people from other countries. The club is effective in helping students know they are not the only ones away from their hometown.

Hung is planning to return next year to play volleyball and learn more techniques in the sport.



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