Man creates disturbance in Chicano Studies class

HOWLING-Los Angeles County Sheriffs subdue a suspect on the ground as he howls and screams last Tuesday night outside a Chicano Studies classroom in the C2 bungalows in East Los Angeles College. CN/Jesus Figueroa


By Danny Vasquez

An unidentified man was taken away on a stretcher after disturbing a Chicano Studies class in the C2 bungalows yesterday around 6:25 p.m.The man was on the floor howling and screaming outside of classroom C2 125  AB, as the Sheriffs surrounded him.

The man screamed “I don’t want to live” and “what am I going to do now?” as the Sheriffs and Cadets held him on the ground.

Chicano Studies 08 Instructor Mary Romo told the man to leave the classroom after he came in yelling “what class is this?”

“He didn’t want to leave and he couldn’t comprehend what I was saying,” Romo said.

“He just walked into the class and demanded to speak to the girl that sat in the front row,” Romo said.

The girl, who is also unidentified at the moment, wasn’t available for comment.

According to Romo, the man didn’t look older than 20 years old. “My concern was to keep my students safe, and everyone (students) worked together,” Romo said.

Once the man left the classroom Romo locked the door and called the Sheriff’s department.

Students in class were unsure if he attended East Los Angeles College.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were unable to make comments.

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