Take the time to connect with loved ones

By Dulce Carrillo 


When an older person passes away, people pay their respect, then move on with their life. When someone young dies, it opens people’s eyes to see that life can be taken away in a blink of an eye.

Grandparents, great aunts or parents have lived their life.

They experienced being a kid, going to dances, having their first kiss, finding true love, getting hurt, marriage, kids, forming a family, graduating college, having a business or just simply living a life with many chapters.

Yes, I have lost loved ones, but the death of one of my family members changed the way I live my life.

While celebrating Christmas Eve with my family enjoying great laughs and remembering old stories, who would have known that all those laughs and smiles could have changed in an instant?

Having to receive a phone call that brought in the worst pain to my family was a moment that rapidly changed the way I would see life.

My cousin who was 14 years old, went through a tragic accident while being on a ride with friends in Mexico.

She lost her life falling off a ride then having a pole (from the ride) fall into her skull leading to an instant death.

She was a happy, positive and well spirited young lady.

Sometimes we are so used to our daily schedules that we do not appreciate what we have around us or talk to the people whom we love.

We are caught up and believe in tomorrow.

Ever since my cousin’s passing, I began to value the people around me and hold no grudge to what life puts on my road.

I have also connected with people that have gone through the same pain, but different situations.

There have been youths losing their life to cancer, during a surgery, playing sports, allergies and many more.

This year I have known of five people who have died.

A parent’s worst nightmare is to lose a child.

My uncle once told a story of a mother who had five kids. When she was asked what child’s death would be the most painful she answered “ I have five fingers, if I had one chopped off or all of them off, I’ll be in the same pain.”

Take a moment to say I love you to family members and close friends.

Talk to friends that you have not heard from since high school, middle school or elementary school.

It’s always nice to find out about old friends.

Do not just use Facebook or any other social media to find out about them. Make some time to meet them.

Life is not set in stone. No one can stop you from doing something.

Do not wait until someone talks to you.

Make the move and make the time you have with the people around you worth every second.

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