Good samaritan stabbed on corner of Riggin, Atlantic

DO NOT CROSS—Sergeant Frank Duke of the Monterey Park Police Department Investigation unit inspects a Mercedes ML 320, after the driver had been stabbed trying to stop an attempted kidnapping earlier today. The victim marked the passenger door of the back seat of the car with his blood before he collapsed on the floor. CN/Erik Luna



By Erik Luna


A Hispanic male is in police custody in connection to a stabbing of an unidentified man on the eastern corner of Riggin Street and Atlantic Boulevard today around 4 or 5 p.m.

According to witnesses, the altercation started when the Hispanic male alledgedly attempted to kidnap a young girl by the Hawaiian Island BBQ restaurant. The victim was driving a Mercedes ML 320 and was about to make a left turn onto Atlantic Boulevard when he saw the attempted kidnapping.

The victim jumped out of the Mercedes and tried to help the girl. It wasn’t until after the incident passed that he noticed he was stabbed.

The backseat passenger door and the floor were stained with blood.

David Falcon, an employee of one of the shops surrounding the crime scene, noticed that the man who had committed the alleged stabbing ran away, so he chased after him.

“We ran after the guy and we tried getting a picture of him. He didn’t get away. We made sure the police were there, because there was… commotion,” Falcon said.

“He tried to escape by going with somebody saying ‘hey give me a ride, these guys are trying to jump me,’” Falcon said.

Falcon said that the victim was conscious and that the ambulance picked him up.

Detective Iglesias of the Monterey Park Police Department’s Investigation Unit said that there will be more information as the investigation continues.

*UPDATE* 9:38 p.m. : Sergant Frank Duke reported that the victim is expected to make a full recovery.

*UPDATE* 2 a.m. : The man in police custody has been identified as Michael William Ventura Hernandez, a 35 year old parolee of Monterey Park. He will be arraigned Monday in the Alhambra Superior Court.

WHAT HAPPENED?— A group of shoppers look on and discuss the stabbing that took place on the eastern corner of Rigging Street and Atlantic Boulevard. CN/Erik Luna






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