Summertime is perfect for a job



By Summer Gomez


As we all know, summertime is approaching.  Although there are many activities to do during the summer that do not require money, I think that this is a great opportunity for students to work.

Since the majority of students are out of school and the rest are only in school for less than 20 percent of the day, plenty of time is left for you to get a summer job.

Not only will a summer job help you gain experience and knowledge in certain fields, but it will also allow you to save money during the summer time.

It is also nice to have some spending money for those random, fun-packed summer days with friends. A job is also great way in making new acquaintances.

Besides, what kind of summer would it be if you can’t go out with your friends because mom or dad refuse to give you money?

I think everyone should have a job because it is fun and rewarding to make your own income.

Searching for a job is not as difficult as it may seem, especially during the summer. Many places hire during the summer since many students are out of school or have shorter schedules, which means more customers.

When searching for a job, you must have confidence. Nicely and  formally ask if the place is hiring, and if so, then ask for an application.

Do not be afraid. If the people at the business notice that you do not have confidence, do you think they would want you to work for them?

Plus, what’s the worst that can happen to you if you are turned down? Absolutely nothing. Go crazy and apply everywhere. You are more likely to get an interview.

From my past experience with applying for jobs, one in three places will surely call back for an interview. So if I apply to nine places, that is three interviews. The trickiest part is to actually handle the interview process.

My past summer jobs have helped me to build up my resume, gain more experience and make new friends, all while making myself some extra bucks. Having a job can be stressful as a full-time student, but I think that every student should take advantage in finding one during the time that we have off.
Good luck on your hunt.

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