All disabled students should be properly accommodated

By David Rios

East Los Angeles College Disabled Students Program need to have their services available all day, because not all wheelchair users have powered chairs and they also need a way to get around faster.

I am a student at ELAC who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. I realized that most wheelchair users on campus have powered wheelchairs, which allows them to move around easier.

I do not have the luxury of a powered wheelchair. I have a manual wheelchair that has to be rolled and pushed on a daily basis.

I do not know if the people who built this campus did not pay any attention to how a wheelchair student gets around or not, but this needs to change.

The two buildings that I have my classes in are the E7 and F7 buildings.

All student services including the Disabled Student Services are located at the very bottom of the hill. I feel very discouraged to even go to any of the student services, because if I roll down there is no guarantee I will get back up to the top of the hill -especially if I have to go to class.

When I brought this to the attention of the disabled student services they assured me that they have a cart where I can roll up a ramp and be secured. I have used this cart to get to class a handful of times.

The major issue I have with this is that when I need this form of transportation to get up the hill and to class it is not always made available. I have experienced first-hand where there has been numerous occasions that I needed to go up the hill.

I would go to the Disabled Student Services to let them know I needed a ride and that’s when they would say “sorry we have nobody that can take you up the hill at the moment.”

I was told that the workers from Disabled Student Services that have driven me up the hill all have been trained and must take a test in order to be able to drive the students to their desired location.

This is a great idea and I agree with that policy, however not enough workers have been trained.

That is where I feel that in order for a  person to work in the disabled student services office they should be required to be trained and take the test to be able to use the transportation cart.


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