ELAC should stimulate camaraderie between students

By Danilo Batson

East Los Angeles College should do more to stimulate the camaraderie between fellow students. The lack of fellowship is synonymous with community colleges as many have the mindset to get their credits and keep to themselves as opposed to other universities and colleges.

This can be accounted for a plethora of reasons such as the wider age gap, commuting and part-time students. Still, out of all the reasons I believe much of the fellowship that is present at other institutions exist because the institutions make it a priority.

I believe ELAC should follow suit and try to make the student body more welcoming and integrated with other students. The best way to do this is to try to reenact what exists at many four-year universities. Starting by offering more student activities that open up to a wide array of options all with student fellowship in mind.

The most immediate and simple change necessary would be a large quad area. No university is complete without a quad. It is a place that is inviting for students to relax or play a variety of sports and activities.

This allows for people to mingle with classmates and other students, opening up friendship and connectivity that would have failed to initiate in a classroom.

I would also suggest a drive-in theater or movies displayed on a projector in the quad area I previously mentioned. Small efforts like those would change the whole dynamic of the school. I know these recommendations cost money which could be outside of the school’s budget, but starting off small could be the option most feasible.

As these small changes take place the student body would undoubtedly grow, bringing in more finances into the school. What I have mentioned is a tall but necessary order that should start somewhere.


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