Students should carefully prepare for finals

By Ericka Perez

With finals coming up who is not stressing out? Trying to finish homework and trying to cram as much information into our brains is not an easy task.

We need to learn to priorities. We should study little by little every day so we won’t feel overwhelmed on the day before we have our finals.  Studying the most challenging subject first would be good because our minds are fresh and we are not stressed. The subject that is easiest should be left for the end.

Another important thing to remember is to not study the same subject for hours on end we should alternate our subjects each day. So we don’t feel overwhelmed and bored of the same subject.

For many of us out there, pulling all-nighters is nothing new. Some people think that all nighters are a good way to study because everything they read is fresh in their mind. In my opinion pulling all-nighters is a very bad idea.

All-nighters are a bad idea firstly because an all-nighter means you study all night and don’t get enough sleep or none at all.

I once took a psychology class and out of the many things we learned what I remember the most was that we need sleep to form memories. Henceforth in my opinion as a fellow student I believe all-nighters are a bad idea. It would be better to study in the morning and get a good night’s rest in the night.

We should only study for no more than one or two hours. This is another thing I remember from my psychology class. Our brain can only withstand to gather so much information. After a certain hour our concentration and mind wonders of and before we realize it we can’t remember what we finished reading.

If that happens then that is our queue to take a small break and refresh our minds from constant studying and stress.

This is very important because if we don’t manage stress our body and health will be the ones to suffer the consequences.  According to the University of Maryland website stress can affect the brain, memory in particular.

It could also cause insomnia, other times it can cause headaches and muscle pain, and high blood pressure amongst other things. Stress can also have long term effects. A good way to ease out body stress would be to get A Good stretches, do small exercise, listening to music, watching a comedy or reading a good book, drink a warm cup of coffee or tea, and Get a snack something sweet.

This brings me to my next point. I share a room with my sister and as we study she tells me what she reads.

On one of these days as we studied she said “Did you Know that our brain needs sugar and that when we study we use it up. So we become hungry and we sometimes start craving sweets.”

Now I thought this interesting. I thought back to many times when I study, many of these times I’m thinking about eating and not concentrating enough. So a good tip would be to have something to snack on while you study.

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