Mother of ELAC student crashes car into gate

ACCIDENT – A parent of an East Los Angeles College student lost control of her automobile on May 22, 2013 around 8 a.m. as she made her way into the handicapped parking lot, which is closed due to construction. The woman crashed into the fence of Weingart Stadium’s back entrance, which disabled her car. Deputy Sheriff Frank Velasco arrived on the scene to survey the damage done to the fence and to ensure the safety of any one involved. A tow truck was called to pick up the automobile. CN / David Rios

By David Rios


The mother of a student at East Los Angeles College drove her car into the back entrance gate of Weingart Stadium last Wednesday around 8 a.m.

The woman decided to drop off her son along the back entrance into the school. The back entrance into the disabled parking lot was often used by parents as a student drop-off, however due to the ongoing construction there has been a sign placed along the gates on Floral Dr. warning people that there are no student drop-offs allowed.

The entrance must stay open at all times due to construction trucks coming in and out on a daily basis.

According to witnesses the woman had said that she accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, which made her crash the vehicle into the gate.

The woman was seen by campus officials driving by in the electric carts. Soon cadets along with campus sheriff’s rushed to the scene. Campus sheriff’s placed yellow-caution-tape along the gate the woman had damaged. The woman’s vehicle remained at the scene until a tow truck was later called to tow it out.

The woman had minor injuries, but paramedics were called to the scene. The woman refused medical attention. The woman, who needed a translator, was actively explaining that she simply lost control of the vehicle, by using large body movements and pointing out where exactly she lost control

Monterey Park police were also called however it is unsure if the woman was given a citation.

After the accident, the woman’s son was called out of class and brought to the scene. The mother began to explain to her son what had happened, as she started pointing out to her son where she had lost control of the vehicle. “The car is replaceable. I am just thankful you are OK and not seriously injured,” said the son to his mother, while hugging her.




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