Scholarships requirements cause concern

By: Luis Vasquez

The East Los Angeles College Foundation is offering $136,000 in scholarship awards to East Los Angeles College students beginning  fall  2013 semester. However, a lot of these scholarships are not applied for because students fear they do not meet the required criteria.

ELAC does a good job in advocating these scholarships to its students by announcing it on their home web page, teachers announcing it in class, and the financial aid office also informs students of these scholarships. However, many Elans are not taking advantage of this great opportunity and do not apply.

Whether they are uninformed or lack the desire to apply for scholarships, ELAC students leave money offered by the  state untouched.

Professors often take time during class to remind students to take a shot and apply for a scholarship. The benefit of being granted one of these scholarships outweigh not applying at all.

The ELAC Foundation is offering scholarships that range from $500 to $1,000 (providing eligibility). This money is being granted to students who meet certain criteria. All a student has to do is take 20 minutes of their day to fill out an application.

Students can only apply online by following a link  on the ELAC home website.

The initial application period started August 26 and will be open until Sept. 26. Notifications of the award winners will be the week of October 21 via email.

There are different reasons why students do not apply for  these scholarships.

Although ELAC does a good job in announcing the vast amount of scholarships being offered, many students are unaware  of  this opportunities. I believe this is the primary reason as to why scholarships go untouched and therefore wasted.

Another reason why students don’t apply to these scholarships is because they are afraid they do not meet the criteria. People are afraid of rejection. In this case, applying for a scholarship can seem like a daunting task  therefore students back away and do not apply.

However, many of the scholarships being offered by ELAC only require an applicant to be eligible to receive the Board of Governors Fee waiver, must  complete 24 or more degree applicable semester units and be enrolled full-time. They do not require a high grade point average. Many of these scholarships’ GPA requirement ranges from 2.5 to 3.0.

Now that state funding has begun to fill ELAC’s bank accounts more opportunities are available  for students.

During the Spring 2013 semester 43 scholarships were awarded to ELAC students. That number dropped from 93 recipients in fall 2012.

ELAC students must respond this semester and apply to every single scholarship being offered.

The ELAC Foundation has been generous enough to offer students a vast amount of scholarships for the fall 2013 semester – we must reward their efforts by making the effort to apply and receive  these scholarships.

The pros outweigh the cons. Who wouldn’t want to receive $500 to $1,000 for free?

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