Gogo’s Bistro offers fresh taste, unique flavors


by Evelyn Sanchez

Gogo’s Bistro’s personal motto “We don’t make it ‘til you order it” serves the bistro just right.

Hidden just 3.3 miles away from East Los Angeles College stands this bistro sit-down style café.  With several tables and booths, Gogo’s Bistro serves as being extra student-friendly.

With bright lighting, urban music and several outlet plugs available for anyone in need, this casual dining restaurant is a must go too.

The ambiance of the café is comfortable with several chairs and booth and tribal African folk-type music.  They also have books on display and a television with several DVDs along side the front of the restaurant opening.

After being seated, a menu is brought out.  The waiter also mentions several items that were not in the menu that are available if requested. A salad also comes with each dish with whatever choice of dressing upon availability.  The location serves dine-in, take out and also offers a catering service.

Apart from the many seating choices, the café also offers student-friendly meals and prices.  Some choices include sandwiches, hamburgers, and dinner plates including meatloaf and seafood, along with salads with several dressings to choose from.  Appetizers are also freshly made with organic vegetables.  All the dishes are under $10.95 with refills included.

All dessert is also made from scratch. The most popular is the brown cheesecake.  It is what the café owners pride themselves on. Other cheesecake flavors include regular New York-style, strawberry and berry cheesecake.  They also serve freshly baked muffins and a variety of cookies.

Some of the cafe’s most popular items on the menu include: fried wings for lunch and chicken Alfredo and spicy cajun fish for dinner.  Many of their ingredients are not only organic, but all of their appetizers are made from scratch and personally brought out by the chef.  Since the restaurant is so small, it allows for a personal style of service.

Flavoring is Gogo’s Bistro acclaimed specialty.  The café posts a sign by the register, which reads ““We don’t make it ‘til you order it. Please be patient,” insinuating the food is to be made with extra care and attention which was completely true after trying the food.

The grilled shrimp was plump and crisp; the side salad was tangy and fresh.  The fries were also soft and different from any other restaurants style of French fries.

The thing that makes this restaurant extrordinary and unique is their choice of spices.

Gogo’s Bistro cooks also like to mix-in organic vegetables into their dishes like both red and green organic vegetables into the chicken Alfredo.

This café is family owned.  Gogo’s is named after the owner Selena Sweetwine’s mother.  Her brother cooks and follows their mother’s recipes.

Her father bakes their grandfather’s recipes.  Sweetwine also added that she has another sister who helps out with service on the weekends.

Family-friendly service is more than words can say about this restaurant.  The chef continued to bring out the plates of food to customers.  He also was descriptive about the specific vegetables and spices in the dishes.

The waitress was very attentive to the customers needs with refilling drinks and asking if the food was just how the customer ordered it.

Gogo’s Bistro is open Monday through Friday until 9 PM and closes at 10 PM on weekends.

Gogo’s Bistro is located at 2415 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90033.

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