Students should be wary when meeting strangers

By: Dulce Carrillo 

It’s a dangerous world out there, and you never know who you might meet.

About a week ago in Monterey Park, a 26-year-old man named Andrew Van Bui was charged with sexually assaulting two females he met at his job in Alhambra.

Van Bui kept in contact with the women through the use of social media and was eventually able to persuade them to meet up with him at his Monterey Park home.

Rudabeh Shahbazi, a reporter from ABC, interviewed Monterey Park police Lt. Bill Cuevas about the incident.

“This is typical of sexual predators. They use social media so they can hide their identity, their intent and perpetrate their crime,” Cuevas said.

This incident surprised Van Bui’s coworkers as well as the customers, who were waited on by Van Bui. They were fooled by the person they thought he was.

Sometimes having a mutual friend can make the difference in choosing who to date.

I met my boyfriend at a Mexican club and gave my number out like any single person would.

Even though I didn’t know his background or what kind of person he was, the only thing that swayed me to give him my number was that he was friends with one of my close friends.

When meeting someone  who sparks an interest in your mind, you obviously want to continue talking to the person and give them your number.

Even if a mutual friend introduces you, there is still a risk of them being a creep. Yet, it’s a little better because the mutual friend will most likely know if they are a creep.

People can lie about who they are – especially in this age of social media.

Van Bui may have been nice and hardworking, but he turned out to be a horrible person.

“The environment we provided to have a cozy environment for our customers, he found a very sleazy way to take advantage of that, and it upsets us a ton,” said Jerry Tou, during an interview for ABC news.

Who knows? More females could have been involved with Van Bui.

People should be aware of what they put on their social media pages or make it private.

Also, once you meet someone, you shouldn’t go to their place alone. Set up group meets and see how the person reacts to that.

Even when using websites like Craigslist, people should be wary about meeting strangers – even if it’s to simply purchase an item from them. There have been countless cases where online meetings have gone awry or even deadly.

Even though women seem to be more of a target, the same goes for men.  You may meet the girl of your dreams, but she could turn out to have weird or borderline obsessive qualities.

Even though there are some genuinely nice people online, people should think twice about giving out their personal information to a stranger.

Sometimes your conscious influences your decisions.  Don’t be another victim. Give out your number wisely.

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