The Grids takes old waffle house dishes to another level

By Micole Guevera

The Grids restaurant brings a new and fresh taste to Alhambra with crisp flavors.

The Grids soft opening was on Aug. 23 and has its grand opening on Oct. 18.

Upon the grand opening, The Grids will enhance the menu with more waffle creations to choose from.

The restaurant offers an open parking lot connected to small businesses making it a breeze to find multiple parking. To get started, guests order from the menu displayed above the register.

There is a selection from different categories of sweet and savory waffles no higher then the price of $7.49 along with salad at the same price and side dishes at $3.49.

There is also a selection of smoothie drinks $3.49 and cheaper, coffees ranging from $3.99 and less, and fresh juices ranging from $3.79 and less.

The two recommended and highly purchased savory waffle dishes are the pork belly with black forest ham waffle that includes shoestring fried onions, pickles and sweet apple BBQ sauce.

The smoked salmon waffle includes cream cheese, diced red onion, capers, fresh diced hot-house tomato with spring mix green and a dill honey mustard spread.

They make every waffle fresh. Once guests have ordered, they are given a number for a self-seated table to have a server bring the food items.

The ambience of the restaurant is calm and earthy with its green and wood grain interior décor.

Seating is spacious as four or more available seats per dine-in table,  with indoor and outdoor options availble.

The restaurant offers free Wi-Fi, but there is only one electrical outlet if guests are planning to use it.

The kitchen staff wasted no time serving the meal.  The order made was the smoked salmon waffle, served with a side of waffle cut fries, and the fresh seasonal berries waffle.

All dishes were served in a beautiful and clean display.

Taking the first bite into the smoked salmon waffle was delicious. The freshness of the salmon is noticed right away because of its attractive bright pink salmon color.

All the ingredients were well proportioned and had the right amount of flavor that does not overpower each other to leave the taste buds satisfied.

Who knew salmon and waffles would go great together to make a must have dish?

Sadly, the waffle cut fries did not reach expectations.

The fries lacked taste and they needed to be served with ketchup

Although taste was not up to par, The Grids serves a generous amount that could feed two or three people per basket.

Lastly, the fresh seasonal berries waffle was served with fresh blueberries and strawberries that were the perfect amount of sweet along with whip cream, chocolate drizzle and a light caramel drizzle.As simple of a waffle dish this sounds, it was fantastic.

There was no need to add the maple syrup that came with the dish.

The waffle alone without the toppings tasted rich in buttermilk and vanilla.

All the toppings are all additional bites of heaven.

Another great selection in the sweet waffle category is the baked apple with vanilla ice cream on a Belgium waffle that serves a tasteful punch with each bite.

The Grids is located 4.9 miles away from East Los Angeles College on 1468 E. Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA.

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