Cyrus’s ‘Bangerz’ brings new party-pop sounds


By Danny Vasquez

From a party anthem sound to emotional, heartbreaking music, Miley Cyrus displays a walk in self-discovery to find her sound in new album “Bangerz.”

The album shows the transformation Cyrus went through to break her Disney cookie cutter image. She takes the listeners on an adventure through the ups and downs of life with her ability to have an upbeat and emotional sound.

Although people perceive Cyrus as this risque artist, her music expresses a different meaning rather than just sexual innuendos. Cyrus teaches listeners to express themselves and to forget people that judge.

One of her leading singles “We Can’t Stop” is a pop song that shows people to not care and to keep partying regardless of what others say. The song is additive and displays a party sound.

Many artists appear on Cyrus album from Britney Spears, Nelly, Future, Big Sean, French Montana and Ludacris.

Each song contains different sounds ranging from pop to rap.

The title song “SMS (Bangerz)” featuring Britney Spears is a fun and playful song, but it lacks substance, as it is just a beat with lyrics repeating. Spears doesn’t help the track. Rather she brings it down. The beat is very catchy and resembles a sound from the ‘90s.

One of the memorable songs is “FU” featuring Montana, the song has Cyrus singing and rapping heartbreaking lyrics.

In the song, Cyrus sounds like she’s singing from the heart. From the title of the song, Cyrus is sending a message that sounds angry, raw and powerful.

This track shows off Cyrus’s voice and diversity. It shows that she can go to a dark place and express her heartwrenching emotion from being broken hearted.

Each track contains a playful quality to the album and shows that Cyrus just wants to have fun. Songs like “#GETITRIGHT” show off the fun and playful side of Cyrus.

The track has an addicting, whistling sound and an amazing beat from the drum and guitar. It tells a story of Cyrus being sprung on someone and makes her do and say crazy things within the lyrics.

The song is relatable and plays off scenarios that people feel when they like someone or lighting a flame that wasn’t lit before. The sound is different from the rest of the tracks and brings out the youth in Cyrus’s sound.

Despite her party girl image and crazy personality, Cyrus is deep and expresses strong emotional songs that make people feel her pain. Songs like “Adore You,” “Wrecking Ball” and “ Drive” shows vulnerability in her music.

“Wrecking Ball” slams into a deep emotional state, where Cyrus has to break down the heartbreak or experience she had. The song was the most vulnerability shown by Cyrus. The mixture of instruments helps set the mood and captured a song that is impactful with emotion.

Cyrus teaches listeners to not judge a book by its cover. The listeners must listen to the music and understand where she is coming from.

The album was a great start overall for Cyrus to develop a new sound and to find herself in the music industry.

“Bangerz” has a total of 16 different tracks that are influenced by pop and hip-hop sounds.

“Bangerz” is now in stores and on iTunes.

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