ELAC to receive grant, lottery revenue

By Freddy Monares

The Los Angeles Community College District is allocating $273,534 from a One-Time Block Grant and $681,321 of Proposition 20 Lottery Revenue to East Los Angeles College.

According to the legislative analyst’s office website, lao.ca.gov, Proposition 20 dictates that 50 percent of the Lottery Revenue will be returned to players as prizes.

A maximum of 16 percent used to administer the lottery and a minimum of 34 percent will be allocated to public education.

The East Los Angeles College Budget Committee held their monthly meeting on Monday and discussed how to prioritize expenditures relating to the lottery funds and One-Time Block Grant Instructional Support.

Both of the funds are to be spent during this fiscal year and are restricted to instructional programs and specific commitment items.

The committee devised a proposal and formula within the proposal to help prioritize the allocation of the funds.

The formula allocates 10 percent of the lottery money to the library and 10 percent of the grant money to the Information Technology. The committee unanimously agreed on these allocations.

If the formula is approved, $68,132 will be used to buy books and media for the library and $27,354 will go to buying equipment to upgrade classrooms and instructional equipment for the Information Technology.

fixed costs— including instructional software for engineering, architecture, library, Learning Center, Health Information Technology, business and Distance Education— are predicted by the Budget Committee to be $270,850.

After these predicted allocations, the committee expects to have $514,099 for instructional programs and specific commitment items left over.

“We might struggle filling that money. That’s half of $1 million,” Faculty Co-Chair of the Budget Committee Jeffrey Hernandez said.

The committee proposed that the remaining balance of the One-Time Block Grant and the Lottery Revenue Funds  be determined through proposals from department chairs for equipment necessary for learning a discipline.

The proposal application sample asks department chairs what the new equipment would be used for, why the discipline needs the equipment and how the equipment will support student’s success was handed out at the committee’s meeting.

Proposals will be required to include all purchase order forms with price quotes from all vendors for all equipment orders.

This includes shipping costs and approval for purchase of computer equipment/software signed by College Information System Manager Gonzalo Mendoza an installation estimate signed by plant facilities manager or his designee.

The committee agreed that asking for proposals from the different departments at ELAC was the best way to go about allocating the funds. The proposal designated whatever funds remained to replace or upgrade classified staff computers.

UPDATE: 10/29/13 2:44 PM

The ELAC Shared Governance Council approved the Budget Committee’s proposal process for the 2013-14 Allocation of the One-time Block Grant and Proposition 20 Lottery Revenue at their meeting yesterday.

The Council approved the proposal process and also added that the results of the process will be reviewed in the Spring in the event that the Budget Committee is awarded with future monies.

A notable change to the proposal is $364,799 will be needed to cover fixed costs, instead of the before predicted $270,850. Also, the Annual Update Request was predicted to be 74,420 but went up to $137,695 in the final proposal.

After all the changes the Budget Committee will have a remaining balance of $356,875 for proposals from Departments/disciplines.

Department chairs are to submit their completed application packets to Workforce Education Office, G1-204, no later than Dec. 6 by 4 PM.

Faculty Member of the ELAC Shared Governance Council Steve Wardinski opposed the approval.

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