ELAC football struck with key injuries in loss

DSC89973by Diego Linares

 East Los Angeles College had a hard time stopping the San Bernandino Valley College usage of the zone read-option, losing 29-6 at Weingart Stadium last Friday night.

The Huskies were plagued with early penalties and injuries to key players throughout the game as they went on to lose their fourth straight Mountain Conference game.

ELAC quarterback Alek Barrera saw his first action after resting from a concussion suffered in a loss to Southwestern College on Oct. 5.

The Huskies will head to Grigsby Field this Saturday to face Chaffey College which sits atop the conference with a six-game win-streak.

ELAC had a hard time rallying for a to comie back. At 13:09 of the third quarter ELAC’s longsnapper Steven Jauregui sent a football over the head of punter Hector Dominguez and it went straight to the back of the end zone and out of bounds for a safety to make the score 19-0 in San Bernandino’s favor.

The lone Husky touchdown came in the form of a five-play drive in the beginning of the fourth quarter as Barrera connected with wideout Tyler Cooperwood on a 62-yard pass down the middle of the field to start the drive.

After a stuffed Namaan Young handoff up the middle, Barrera then stood in the pocket off a shotgun formation and slung a 25-yard touchdown pass to the left side of the end zone for Cooperwood. Kicker Gustavo Ornelas went missed the point after touchdown.

Although Cooperwood gained 113 receiving yards the ELAC’s offense finished the game with negative rushing yards for the second time this season.

“Tonight, I thought our defense did an exceptional job on limiting them on the yards they got. And they got some big plays, you know, but overall it didn’t hurt us too bad,” said San Bernandino Head Coach Kevin Emerson.

Without an effective running game, ELAC had a tough time gaining momentum. They struggled to convert on first down situations, which resulted in six punts and two turnovers on downs.

With linebacker/defensive end Darzil Washington out for the rest of the season, ELAC suffered injuries to key players on both defense and offense on Friday.

“Darzil is done. (Defensive tackle) Mike (Wyche) might be done for the season also. Just freak injuries you know.”

“(Defensive back) Breeon Moreno is another kid that got injured today, and that might be a little hard (for us). (Defensive lineman) James Basham also fractured a hand. You know it’s just football. We lost (offensive linemen) Miguel Lozaro today to back spasms.” said ELAC Head Coach Steve Mojarro about the injuries. “That’s when recruiting comes into play. Now we’re gonna have the freshmen that we recruited step in and fill those shoes.”

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