Ticket scalpers hurt artist revenue


By: Ruben Perez

It’s 10 in the morning, you’re waiting for tickets to go on sale to see your favorite artist, but when you search for tickets they are all sold out.
You sit there scratching your head and ask, “How is this possible.” The simple answer is, scalpers.
Ticket scalpers have been around for years. They purchase a majority of event tickets and then resell them either at face value or even more.
Earlier this year I wanted to attend a concert, but it was sold-out. I decided to head out to the venue in hope that more tickets were released and sadly there weren’t any.
Then this woman approached me and told me she had extra tickets, because her son wasn’t able                  to attend.
I was a bit hesitant, but ultimately bought them for $25 each.
The original prices of the tickets were $65,
There are a couple of scalpers out there that don’t know how to sell tickets, but the ones that are experienced will sell them to you for triple the price.
A couple of websites such as Stubhub and Ticket City allow people to sell their concert tickets.
This can be good but bad at the same time. It’s good because if that person cannot make it to the concert they will sell their tickets cheap just to get rid of them.
It’s bad because people make ticket scalping a business, they’re own personal business.
Artists don’t make money off album sales; that goes straight to their label and management.
They make the money during concerts when fans spend their hard earned cash to see their favorite artist live.
It feels horrible when you really want to see an artist live but do not have tickets and you have to pay more than you anticipated, because of scalpers.
Luckily some artists are taking matters into their own hands. Rock trio Paramore is currently selling paperless tickets for their tour.
Meaning that you purchase your tickets and the day of the concert you head to “will call,” show them your I.D. and you get a physical ticket to go into the venue. Not only does that make ticket purchasing easier , but it also helps fight off scalpers.
“Thrift shop” duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have made a couple of Youtube videos that show them calling scalpers and asking to buy tickets for their shows.
The scalpers don’t know who’s calling and they to resell the tickets above face value.
It’s quite entertaining seeing the duo go back and forth with them.
Scalpers are money hungry individuals. Try not to purchase tickets from them.
Not only will you pay more for the ticket, but also your favorite artist will lose money.
Before you buy a ticket from a scalper ask yourself, “Do I really want to support someone that targets music fans?”

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