Corazon y Miel brings new flavors to Latin food

By Luis Vasquez

Corazon y Miel is a fun, modern hole in the wall restaurant with a laid back setting; it’s a lip smacking tasters delight.

Corazon y Miel is located in the city of Bell, an 8-mile drive south of East Los Angeles College.

The moment guests walk in, the guests’ eyes are drawn to the art that decorates every wall in the restaurant.

Guests are greeted by the charming hostess and taken to their seat.

Guests are given the choice between tables, a booth or to sit by the bar.

The bar is in the rear section of the restaurant.

The bar is lit with very dim lighting; the television is set to a sports network, much to the enjoyment of sports fans.

Happy hour takes place Sunday through Friday from 5-7 p.m. and 9 p.m. till closing.

Every tap beer is $5 and the “drink of the day” is also $5.

The bartenders fill patrons in on what the designated drink of the day is.

After browsing through the menu, guests are immediately tempted to order the “Corazon y Miel” appetizer.

Corazon y Miel is made up of three small heart-shaped chicken pieces with strips of red onions, drenched in honey.

It’s a small serving, so the appetizer is very short lived, but for only $3, it’s an adequate price for an appetizer.

The “patatas fritas” is also a delicious appetizer. It is made-up of house potato fries followed by scallion-ash dip.

This serving is also small, and for $5, guests do not get the bang for their buck.

For the main meal the “Wild Boar Chilaquiles” is an excellent choice.

It’s made up of a guajillo-based sauce, roasted carrots, sour cream, queso casera and a fried egg.

There is also a vegetarian option available that doesn’t include the chorizo within the chilaquiles. This is the best plate in the house.

It’s a smoky fiery twist to chilaquiles.

The guajillo sauce is not too spicy and the egg on top brings the plate together just right.  For $14 dollars, guests are definitely treated to an excellent meal at an affordable price.

The “Lomo Hash” comes with a flatiron steak, potatoes, bell peppers, and poached egg, covered by a wasabi sauce that adds a nice touch of spice to the plate.

Diners have the choice between medium rare or rare steak.

The dish came on a sizzling hot plate; the smell of steak fills the air as it approaches the table.

However there was a lack of seasoning and a bland taste to the steak.

At $16 dollars the “Lomo Hash” didn’t satisfy the taste buds.

The ingredients were all fresh, but guests would be definitely overpaying for a meal that leaves patrons with an empty taste in their mouth.

Overall, Corazon y Miel is great place for a date, or a simple gathering of friends.

The art, lighting, drinks, and background music sets the mood for an excellent dining experience.

Prices are reasonable and the service is great.

Corazon y Miel is located on 6626 Atlantic Ave. in Bell.

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