Dance company charms audience

By Bianca Mendoza

The members of the Lets Dance Company choreograph and direct their own pieces was a bold and daring choice that paid off.

 Choreographers: Michael Veluz, Myra Joy Veluz, Breanne Genite, Kristina Schramm, and Michael Vallajos, all surprised, thrilled and certainly impressed the audience with their pieces. The lighting, costumes and choreography were professional and well thought out, leaving no doubts to the authenticity and passion behind it all

  Performances were held for two nights only, Friday November22 and Saturday the 23rd at seven p.m. on campus located at the S2 Recital Hall. General admission was ten dollars, to both students and non.

Scheduled to begin at seven p.m., the first dance didn’t begin until about half an hour after, restless audience members spoke amongst themselves, papers rustled and bouquets of flowers all held in laps of awaiting friends and family members, filled the room with a sweet scent. Finally, the lights began to dim, the show was about to start.

Director Kimberly Rabins comments on the company’s change of direction, “This is the first time students will be choreographing. In past years there have been repertoires, but never student directed pieces.” In past year’s performances dancers never had a chance like this, a chance to bring to life what they only daydreamed and fantasized of.

            These pieces were certainly a fresh perspective on dance compared to past years performances. This fresh, young talent certainly changed the feel of the performances. Eight dances in total; three being solos and one duet, the rest had several members of the company’s dancers bringing to life their peers vision for the performance.

Before every dance, the choreographer set the mood and discussed their concept for the dance in a prerecorded video. The video ends, leaving the theatre pitch black and silent. Then the first notes reach your ear, the lights rise and dancers appear before you stepping, gliding twirling and leaping before you, entrancing you in their liquid movements.

Each piece different from the one before it, some are dramatic and abstract using pure silence in order to enhance its power and message. Others make you clap to the beat and sing along to the well-known lyrics.

In every piece the skill and passion of each dancer is apparent, the straight lines and powerful leaps, the pieces flows and ebbs before you, each choreographer inviting and enveloping you. With their pointed toes, twirling skirts and pounding feet, these dancers certainly entertained and amazed the crowd.

This first time event, highlighting hardworking and passionate dancers, and bringing to life their dreams and performing before their peers, is a concept many hope to stay.  “It certainly inspires me to work harder, and hopefully get a chance to choreograph something of my own in the future,” says Yazmin Trujillo, company member.

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