Drivers should learn from past mistakes

By Megan G. Razzetti

When a tragedy occurs, most people open their eyes to the realities of how driving under the influence really does affect everyone.

Driving under the influence is still a lesson most people have yet to learn.

Two weeks ago, a few close friends and I were rocked by news that several of our former high school classmates were involved in a fatal car crash.

They had been out, enjoying themselves like many do on the weekend. When help arrived, two young women were pronounced dead at the scene, while three others, including the driver, were taken to a local hospital with critical injuries.

The driver was arrested. All of this was completely preventable.

The countless times we have been told driving under the influence can result in fatal consequences seems to have not stuck to our conscious.

The lessons of numerous special assemblies high school students were made to  attend  did not resonate.

Those also included the infamous Red Asphalt films that graphically showed the consequences of driving under the influence.

If you have the means to go out on the weekend and spend tons of money on expensive drinks at clubs, bars, or even at concerts, you can find a different way home, instead of getting behind the wheel. In the state of California, if your blood alcohol concentration level is .08 percent or higher, you will be charged with a DUI which can stay on your record for seven years.

“Having a designated driver doesn’t work because they end up drinking as well, so there should be more available taxis nearby” says Guo.

There are even more amazing new car services like Lyft and Uber. They have an app for your phone which makes locating a ride super easy.

Also, taking public transportation is another option in preventing driving under the influence.

Sure, it’s not glamorous but it still is a lot better than risking your life and others around you.

It’s important to have fun and enjoy life, especially during the college years but it is also important to take responsible actions so that the fun never stops.

We care only for the here and now, completely missing the thought of doing the right thing.

“ I know people do it and I wish they weren’t so stupid,” says  Tiffany Guo, a Gender Studies major, “One stupid decision can kill people.”

The Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) a group that provides awareness to various topics that affect college students such as driving under the influence, lists the effects of impaired driving on their website. It includes lack of awareness to surroundings, alteration of depth perception, and many more.

As the holidays approach, there will be more parties and events to attend.

There will be more fun times, just keep in mind that your actions have consequences.

If you decide to partake in certain activities, please take the right steps in preventing another tragedy.

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