Gaga experiments with ‘Artpop’

By Gabriela Gonzalez

Lady Gaga leaves behind her intrinsic playfulness that marked much of Gaga’s previous work, and steps into experimenting with electronic, R&B and rap music.

Her new album “ARTPOP” brings a musical take on art, fashion, sex and drugs.

“Jewels N’ Drugs” features rappers T.I., Twista and Too Short offering their fame and money. Gaga delivers a simple point, she wants love. The is a combination of hip-hop and rap music.

“Donatella” is a pop and electronic hit in which she celebrates the fabulousness of money, fame and fashion coming out as a glorification of someone shallow.

“Do What U Want” emphasizes her strong, dominant personality.

Speaking out to the media who have judged her appearance, and music.

Gaga finishes off with a love connection with singer R. Kelly mixing R&B and pop, saving her album from complete disaster.

Despite Gaga’s efforts, to be different and catchy at the same time, like many of her previous albums, the lack of personal connection with the audience in “ARTPOP” makes it a hard album to like for many.

“Dope” is very different from the rest of the tracks in this album, or any past albums.

It’s the only slow ballad in the album. It  makes her album a bit messy, but it makes a connection with the audience, singing about love.

“Mary Jane Holland” is  a catchy yet controversial song.

The song’s beat is closest to the material of the “Born This Way” album.

Gaga sings about a socially accepted drug, marijuana.

In this track, Gaga acknowledges the controversy and consequences of fame.

Her past albums related more to the audience, like “ Born this way” expressed self- empowerment and strength rather, “ARTPOP” revealed a different side of Gaga with self-indulgence and the effects of fame and money.

The album was very different to the expectations that many of her fans had, it was a different but catchy album.

“ARTPOP” is now available on iTunes and any local record stores.

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