iPads threaten attention span

By Lilah Fajardo

IPads should not be brought into classrooms because the disadvantages overwhelm the advantages.

Throughout the years, technology has altered lives dramatically with electronics such as smart phones,  laptops and flatter televisions. Nowadays, books are a                     second choice.

Although iPads have become very popular, they are not the easiest devices to function and books eliminate any frustration.

The fact that paper comes from trees is harmful to nature, but paper  won’t give you the problem of shutting down unexpectedly.

IPads may contain a generous amount of battery life, but neglecting to charge it on a daily basis gives  the user less operating time and the hassle of charging it. If you drop a folder or book, the consequence may be as simple as a bend, but compare that to dropping an iPad. The screen may crack and render it inoperable or expensive to repair.

According to Secure Edge Networks, 43 percent of teachers allow students to use tablets such as iPads in class.

School alone involves a list of expenses such as tuition fees, supplies and transportation.

Books tend to be pricey, however, there is an affordable alternative.  Buy them used. When you purchase a used book from a website or student, you can scan the book to make sure it’s in good shape.

When you buy used devices, they usually initially work fine, but every so often, something may go wrong. Obviously, to avoid this problem, people purchase new iPads, but many students and parents have a difficult time paying for these expenses – let alone another iPad.

IPads do offer advantages, but they can be a great distraction. Cellphones are already a huge distraction to students, so imagine how difficult it would be to do classwork on an iPad.

Teacherswithapps.com said, “One of the biggest criticisms of the iPads is its lack of ability to work with Adobe Flash and Javascript.”  Many schools use these programs for their assignments and lectures.

Informationweek.com reported, “A classroom full of iPads creates a slew of challenges for everyone involved. When multiple classes with the same student and device density are in close proximity, it gets even more complicated.”

Although there are benefits to an iPad, the disadvantages seem to outweigh them.

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