Men’s basketball prepares for season

By Cynthia Laguna

The No. 6 ranked Huskies men’s basketball team starts this season with four returning and 12 new players after a sweet 16 playoff exit last year.

Last season, Head Coach John Mosley successfully led the team to the playoffs, for the first time in over a decade. The team has shown improvement by playing as a team, learning how to handle close situations, and working hard to perfect their technique.

The Huskies started this season with a bit of difficulty.

Their first two games were challenging, but the team made adjustments in their game in order to prevail after losing to Santa Monica and Cuyama colleges.

Mosley described the team’s strength to be their defense. In order to execute each game to the best of their ability, the team prepares by conditioning, playing hard every day, staying physically fit, and practicing on defense and offense.

A setback in developing chemistry between players is having a whole new team, but supporting each other and improving their skills unifies the team strongly.

The key returning players for the season include sophomore forwards Aaron Cheatum, and Zach Hinton, as well as guard Frankie Aguilar.

According to Mosley, the seasons approach was a bit different, but every team holds the same philosophy, which is to defend and play with toughness. Various tactics are brought to the court depending on their opponents strengths.

“ I am excited and ready to show other college coaches what I can deliver on the court and how to be a good leader.” freshman guard, Je’ Ron Primus said.

Primus looks forward to playing against San Bernardino Valley College.

Primus explained how they  will have a strong team and wants to show that the Huskies can play up to their level and beat their opponents.

Watching their previous games and taking notes of mistakes they have made, prepares them for the next game.

Some players take leadership and bring positivity to the group regardless of the ending result of each game.

Taking one game at a time and treating it as if it’s their last is how Primus described his team when they get on the court. He said that the team is young and most of them are new players, but that will not hold them back from being able to make it into the playoffs.

“We have a great team and we will do well this season. We feel we will be able to make it to playoffs, that is our first goal,” freshman forward Eder Herrera said.

Before a game, Herrera tries to maintain a positive mind even if the previous practice was not as good.

Herrera said that all the coaches have different personalities but they trust each other, which eliminates any intimidation between them and their players.

The coaches help the team to refine their skills in hopes that they will be able to transfer and play for higher division college.

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