Spanish club plans trip to Spain

PLANNING AHEADAlejandra Bermudez brainstorms for new ideas for a future fundraiser. CN/GABRIELA GONZALEZ
PLANNING AHEAD-Alejandra Bermudez brainstorms for new ideas for a future fundraiser. CN/GABRIELA GONZALEZ

By Gabriela Gonzalez

Hispanic traditions are an important element that help the Spanish club raise cultural awareness for students at East Los Angeles College.

President of the Spanish club, Natalie Perez, re-established the club to emphasize the importance of all cultures with a focus on her own Hispanic roots.

The Spanish club’s goal is to provide an encouraging environment for all students who are passionate or interested to learn the Spanish language as well as various Hispanic cultures.

Their meetings consist of new ways to approach and interact with the ELAC student body to help them understand the history and importance of the Hispanic heritage. In East Los Angeles, the majority of the student population is Hispanic or also is of Hispanic descent.

Member and treasurer of the club, Cassandra Avila says “The purpose of the Spanish club is not only to teach the language but also to teach students about the Hispanic and Spanish traditions and culture.”

Enthusiastic for how many students were interested in the club, Perez decided to gather the club to travel for a summer study in Spain. The board members at ELAC gave $350 toward the club’s trip to Spain.

Members of the club organized their first fundraiser for the Spain trip. They are currently organizing a second fundraiser for December, serving traditional Hispanic beverages as well as sweet bread.

Avila shares her excitement to learn more about her heritage as well as to learn other Hispanic traditions. She says “I come from a Hispanic background. It’s very exciting to learn more about my heritage.”

The trip to Spain is set for Summer 2014. The members will be staying for a month and will be taking classes to learn about the roots of the Spanish language as well as Spanish history.

The Spanish club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 p.m. in room C2106.

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