Tokyo Garden serves an array of sushi

By Alexis Bueno

Tokyo Garden is a Japanese restaurant that offers delicious sushi and an amazing atmosphere. Their affordable prices and authentic food,  is what keeps customers coming back for more.

Their main dish is sushi, but they also serve other varieties as well such as chicken, raw fish and beef.

Their menu is very broad with choices ranging from sides, appetizers, lunch, specials and dinner.

The location of the restaurant in really hidden, unlike other established restaurants that are in plain view, but that doesn’t stop customers from dining there.

There are many types of sushi to order from. It’s quite impossible to name them all. Their beverages include the typical sodas, water, and iced teas, but they also serve wine and Japanese beers.

The moment guests walk in, they will notice that the whole place has decorations of Japanese culture. There are paintings of geisha women and samurai’s hanging all around the restaurant.

The seats are comfortable and everything is pretty much kept clean and organized. There are also four televisions hanging on the walls for entertainment.

They start off by serving you sides of wasabi, ginger and edamame. Edamame is a bean from Japan soaked in salt, which is pretty good.

The dinner combination included chicken teriyaki, tempura, white rice, salad and a side of sushi with a glass of water.

The chicken teriyaki is really good and served in a decent portion.

The white rice was steamed which was great and the salad had a certain Japanese sauce that gave it a sweet flavor.

The tempura is a serving of deep fried shrimp and the vegetables might have been good, but it never came.

The sushi was laid out very elegantly on the plate, but the taste was pretty plain considering its mainly tuna and rice. It also came with raw salmon and white fish.

Both the rainbow roll and shrimp tempura were delicious.

The rainbow roll had rice, raw salmon, albacore, shrimp and avocado wrapped around in seaweed.

The shrimp tempura, on the other hand, had rice, crab meat and avocado wrapped in seaweed as well. The taste of crabmeat was over powered by the avocado flavor..

The prices differ depending on what is ordered. The lowest price for a plate is $7 while the highest is about $20. A dinner should be prepared to spend about $10 a plate.

The only bad side to this is that there are no spoons or forks; everything is eaten with chopsticks. If guests have trouble or are new to this, then it could be a problem.

Overall, this restaurant is a good place to eat whenever in the mood for Japanese food or just feel the need to try something new.

Tokyo Garden is located at 11946 Paramount Blvd. Downey CA 90242 and can also be contacted at  (562) 923 – 2715.

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