Women’s restroom tagging offers insight to maturity level

By Brenda Diaz

As students of East Los Angeles Colleges’ South Gate campus, we are responsible for keeping up our work areas and restroom facilities.

So why is it that a female student has to walk in and see slander and vulgar language written on bathroom stalls?

The defacing of women’s restrooms at ELAC’s South Gate campus needs to stop.

The way I see it, college is a privilege and so are the extra facilities that are provided to us.

We may be students at this school but as of late, it seems that children have enrolled into college.

This is not to say that the women writing in the stalls are all young, but they certainly act like it.

There is no way to prove a certain age group is responsible for these immature acts, but that is not even the issue at hand.

It does not matter if you are 18 or 40; there is absolutely no need for you to describe your life story on a bathroom stall.

Every time a female student walks into the restroom, drawings of a certain part of the male anatomy, short stories about boyfriend problems and pleas for help surround them.

The amount of disrespect that it shows, not only for school property but also for faculty, and students alike, is substantial.

“It’s disgusting. To take time while using the restroom to write on the walls is just wrong. I think it’s just the kind of person you are,” Anthropology major Natalia Ortiz said.

Some might say, “Why does it affect you? Just do you your business and get out.” This problem is brought about by ELAC students, which means these women roam around campus and attend classes with no respect for school property.

Why should they get a chance to attend school when millions of students who really do take school seriously are waiting in the sidelines? I see only two       achievable solutions.

One is that if you suspect some one might be doing it, report it to the Sheriffs’ office located between the library and the men’s restrooms. A Sheriffs’ Deputy or a cadet will inform school janitors or file a vandalism report depending on the significance of the incident. By informing the proper personnel, you will be doing the entire school an enormous favor.

Second, if you are not ready for responsibility, get out of college. I direct this to those “artists” who think they can get away with defacing school property. If you are not ready to act like an adult, then you are not one. It is important for students such as myself, to stand up for what is right.

The defacing of the women’s restrooms at ELAC’s South Gate campus is an issue that must be stopped not only for financial reasons, but also for students’ personal rights to attend a school that is safe, clean and educational. This is our school and, as students, we have the responsibility to make a change to improve our campus.

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