Nail art occupy elans

By Genesis Aguilera

From China to France and now to East Los Angeles College, nail art is popular among elans.

Chipped nail polish, a French Manicure or a simple nail color are forms of art that are easy, must-have looks used by elans to show their personal sense of style, their personality or mood.

Some Elans find themselves with time to create nail art and others find themselves busy resulting in chipped nail polish.

“It’s something that first gets looked at by everyone. If your nail polish is chipped, it better be fixed. If I can, I would change my nail polish every day,” Tatianna Lopez said.

Forming textures, creating nail embellishments, the invention of stick-on nail polish and gel polish are reasons why most women are skipping the salons for homemade designs.

“It’s addicting. You start with a flower, then you want to keep adding more rhinestones. You start with a simple (color) on your nails which turns into bedazzling your ring nail, to adding flowers or dots to all the nails,”  Jennifer Sandoval said, who has glitter on one nail, a moon manicure on the next and a French tip on another.

Color nail polish is the foundation for creating nail art. “I really like (nail polish) because you can wear whatever color that goes with your outfit best. You wear brights in summer or dark colors in the fall, although I don’t (believe) in that. I like rotating my nail polishes because it’s boring wearing dull colors throughout fall,” Lopez said.

Creating designs first starts with Google by looking through different blogs, which people have created textures in their nails and elans get their inspiration.

Tape is a simple trick for straight lines when using more than one nail polish.

Using disposable makeup sponges can create an ombré look by applying about three colors next to each other on the sponge then applying it to a white base coat on the nail.  Sometimes people can add a layer of sugar on a fresh polish to create a sand-paper texture.

Some Elans add embellishments such as colorful rhinestones, foil paper or sequences are described as a couture look because it can be part of your outfit. “It’s just like adding accessories to your outfit, like multiple necklaces, to make a look complete. The same thing applies to your nails,” Lopez said.

Tools and brushes are popular among nail fanatics because painting different patterns or favorite characters are created. Dotting tools can be to create a polka dot design or create marbleized art by adding different colors. Brushes can come in different forms such as: fans, flat, angled or thin to create any form of detail designs. It’s best to purchase the tools online to save a few dollars.

One of the easiest ways to create designs on nails is stick-on nail polish. Gel polish is more expensive and time consuming but it will last you for about 2 weeks without any cracks.


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