Teri burgers cooking up chicken teriyaki

By Erika Medina 

Perhaps one of the best teriyaki chicken and beef restaurants in Lynwood, the Teri Burger restaurant offers a vast variety of both Mexican and American food.

The beef teri burger, known as the carne asada burger, is one of the most popular items on the menu. They grill the meat from the same grill they use to grill the chicken. That is what gives the teri burger its smoky and zingy taste, which makes it juicy and mouthwatering.

Their chicken teriyaki bowl is, by far, the most delicious! The bowl consists of white fluffy steamed rice at the bottom and a satisfying amount of chopped grilled chicken covered in its sweet teriyaki sauce.  It is topped off with a sprinkle of scrumptious green veggies. The bowl comes with a regular sized drink of your choice to compliment the meal for the simple price of $5.29.

It is a convenient place to get great tasting food at an affordable price. It is also conveniently close to the South Gate campus so that students can have a great meal at a close range.

The employees are warm and friendly. The petite restaurant is located at the corner of two main streets. It provides parking in the back of the restaurant for its customers. The restaurant has tables outside of the structure, but I do not recommend eating there because that is where customers line up to order their food.

It makes no difference whether you order at the front or through the drive thru, it is always crowded with customers. Sometimes, there are more people ordering from the drive thru that employees have to come out and take their orders with a pen and a notepad. Either way, you will get your money’s worth, I guarantee it.

The restaurant is located at located at 3483 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Lynwood.

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