Students should prioritize enrollment


By Diego Olivares

Last minute class enrollment could cause serious problems for students, including stress and lack of getting into the classes of their choosing.

By the time school comes to an end, students want to leave their classrooms and go on vacation.

The last thing on their mind is staying in  school, especially after finals.

Students make the mistake of putting off enrolling in classes, even those applying to school for the first time.

The enrollment process at East Los Angeles College can surprise students.

If a student were to wait before enrolling in classes and decide to do it only weeks before the school semester begins, many classes would already be full.

Soon after, students scramble to look for replacement classes. Yet these classes  either need a prerequisite or are not on their education plan.

Usually students are unable to apply due to a busy schedule. Work and other personal commitments  get in the way.

Sometimes, student feel pressured by these commitments and forget about enrolling in classes.

Years ago, while attending classes at another college, I was overwhelmed with my summer classes.

As a result, I forgot to enroll for the following semester until the last day possible.

I was then placed on a waiting list for all the the classes I was interested in adding.

Luckily, I was able to get into my classes but there could have been the chance that the class would not be available.

Based on past experiences, there are ways to avoid this.

Students should stay on top of the enrollment periods for each semester.

They should mark this as a reminder on their calendar or personal notebook.

Also, create an education plan with a school counselor and schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss their school schedule.

By doing this, students could have their entire school schedule planned out from start to finish. They will know what classes they should take.

This would also save them the trouble of getting classes which they do not need.

No student should waste their time enrolling in classes they don’t need.

Students should  be on-top of things when applying to classes, and make sure that they don’t stress out.

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