Kid Cudi launches ‘Satellite Flight’

By Cynthia Lagunas

Surprising his fans with the release of  “Satellite Flight,” Kid Cudi says it is one of his best albums yet.

Cudi began dropping hints about his soon to be released album, “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon,” Feb. 24 via Twitter.

The album’s intent to bridge his previous “Indicud” and the anticipated “Man on the Moon III” (MOTM3) is delivered with experimental space sounds.

Cudi’s album resulted with 10 songs, four of which are instrumental.

This album is a sneak peek of what the next Man on the Moon series might include.

He focuses on his theme of space and intergalactic sounds. He wanted  to take listeners on a journey of what he was feeling and going through at the time, by experimenting with new sounds.

“Satellite Flight” captivates the listeners with synths and atmospheric melodies that pushes the imagination to another level.

The EP consists of three main parts: Cudi’s liftoff, traveling through space and finally his landing.

Cudi introduces his listeners with the opening track, “Destination: Mother Moon,” which is a powerful opening  introducing his next tracks where he allows the the instruments to talk for themselves.

The third track, “Satellite Flight,”  is produced by Dot Da Genius, a frequent collaborator with Cudi.

The electronic synths in the background takes the listener into a journey into space.

The middle of the EP leads to the highlight song “Balmain Jeans” produced by Scott Mescudi, A.K.A. Kid Cudi, and features singer Raphael Saadig.

Saadig only participates for a short period, but incorporates a sensual burst with soulful vocals adding a smooth sound to the song.

Cudi’s, “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now,” has a darker feel to it.

The rap lyrics reveal his emotions of not being understood, but the track proves how he manages to grow out of dark times.

In this song he targets all of his opposers who have talked trash about him.

The listeners are introduced to Cudi’s depressed hidden emotions in the track “Internal Bleeding.” The song sounds stale where he is groaning over a heartbreak, but it’s a little too dark for the latter part of this EP.

Cudi tries to switch his flow to punk style but it’s not quite mastered.

The last instrumental, “Return of the Moon Man,” also very powerful sounds like something from a Sci- Fi movie and adds suspense.

Cudi’s last song expresses how no one wants to be stuck with a “Troubled Boy,” as the name of the song goes.

This acoustic beat includes Cudi’s hums and passionless voice, making it a bit eerie and repetitive.It’s weak for a closing track.

With its flaws, Cudi manages to deliver a truly unexpected EP as he plays with new sounds and vibes, leaving listeners restless for the next part of the series, MOTM3.

Kid Cudi released his fourth album, “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon” on Feb. 25, and it’s now available on iTunes.

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