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Catch of the Day- Charbroiled Giant Shrimp, lightly coated with garlic butter sauce,over french fries and a side of coleslaw with a lemon wedge at the Fisherman's Outlet in Los Angeles.
Catch of the Day- Charbroiled Giant Shrimp, lightly coated with garlic butter sauce,over french fries and a side of coleslaw with a lemon wedge at the Fisherman’s Outlet in Los Angeles.CN/JADE INGLADA


By Jade Inglada 

Located on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles, lays a hidden gem that specializes in quality, gourmet seafood known as the Fisherman’s Outlet. Since established in 1961, the restaurant has become a landmark in the L.A. area. It also hosts a salad counter and seafood market that sells a wide selection of fresh fish and shrimp that is separated from the restaurant area.

The building is easy to spot, located on a narrow street corner, and recognize with its bright red roof. It only provides outdoor seating, but practically every table is shielded from the sun under an umbrella or steel awning. The dining area only adds to the casual atmosphere.

Fisherman’s Outlet offers a variety of food on its menu, from deep-fried to charbroiled dishes to soups, salads and seafood cocktails. Seafood plates come with three choices for sides: rice, green salad or rice and coleslaw. There are five sauces available to choose from: tartar, garlic butter, red, Cajun and teriyaki. All meals are served in large Styrofoam containers, regardless if customers are on the go or planning to eat there at one of the many tables available.

The Fisherman’s Outlet is most famous for its giant shrimp, which have a meaty and chewy texture. The four shrimps are already lightly coated in a savory garlic butter sauce when served. While the small portion of coleslaw is nothing special, the fries make up for it with a crisp and delicious flavor.

The giant combo of shrimp and scallops includes two shrimp and four golden scallops. The small scallops have a mild, slightly sweet flavor and are they are perfectly cooked. The combo is an excellent way to introduce the seafood to someone who has never tried it before or has little interest in fish. The seafood is served over a generous plate of rice with a lemon wedge.

The charbroiled tuna is an unexpected surprise; since the thin fillet of fish resembles a steak, grill marks and all it could be used as a pleasant substitute for red meat. It doesn’t have the fishy taste that usually overwhelms the actual flavor of seafood.

A selection of desserts and beverages such as soft drinks, beer and wine are also available for purchase. Service at the Fisherman’s Outlet is exceptionally fast; the counter workers don’t even write down the orders and customers receive their food within minutes. It’s safe to say the employees have their system down to a science.

Despite the casual surroundings and location, food at the Fisherman’s Outlet can be fairly pricey. The seafood plates range from $7.95 to $17.95, though the lobster tails depend on market price. It may not be the average person’s daily to-go lunch spot, but spending a bit more money once in a while for delicious food is always worth it.With the slogan “Gourmet food at affordable prices,” this restaurant certainly lives up to its word by bringing quality seafood closer to the residents of L.A.

Fisherman’s Outlet is located at 529 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles. Its restaurant hours are from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays. For more information and the full menu, go to

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