Iggy Azalea’s debut packs a punch

Iggy Azalea's "The New Classic"

By Jazmin Tellez 

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has released her long awaited debut album “The New Classic.”

The 15 track album packs a punch with strong instrumentals and Azalea’s clean flow to her raps.

Azalea proves herself as a new artist with captivating and rather relatable music she put out on this album.

The highlight of the album is the opening track, “Walk the Line,” a heartfelt song about the long journey Azalea has had to take to get where she is today.

“I Don’t Need Y’all,” Azalea explains rejecting the newfound fame and appreciation from those who dismissed her, while reflecting on the struggles and troubles she faced during her come-up.

The third song on the album, “100,” features Watch The Duck, an Atlanta-based dubstep/trap group.

It’s a track about being honest in a relationship and demanding respect from a partner.

“Change Your Life” features rap artist T.I. This song contains a pop vibe but definitely falls short as a single.

Azalea’s highest charting song to date, “Fancy,” features English singer-songwriter Charli XCX, who moves the song in a pop direction, but as always Azalea gives a flawless performance.

“Fancy,” hit number one on the “Hot Rap Songs Chart.”

The collaboration gives the single an underground hip-hop feel to it.

“New B**ch,” is about Azalea’s current basketball player boyfriend, Nick Young.

In this song she talks about having to deal with Young’s jealous ex girlfriends.

“Work,” described as a subdued trap-meets-snap tune talks about her life story as a coming-of-age model who came to America in her teens before trying her hand at rap.

“No money, no family, 16 in the middle of Miami,” describe the struggle she faced when moving  to America.

“Impossible Is Nothing,” sends out a strong and positive message to fans and listeners about never giving up and reaching your dreams.

The bridge makes this song more soothing and heart felt, even though Azalea is rapping through the entire song,

“Black Widow,” features British singer-songwriter and actress, Rita Ora.

This song has a darker feel to it compared to the others since it talks about turning love into hate.

Azalea revealed this track was written by her friend and fellow musician Katy Perry.

“Black Widow,” is certainly catchy but sounds like a sequel to Perry’s current hit, “Dark Horse.”

“F*** Love,” might have meaningless and pointless lyrics but this beat will surely having listeners dancing. “Bounce,” has a club-friendly house beat, that’s different from her style.

These songs do fall short, since there’s no real meaning behind them.

In “Rolex,” Azalea reflects on a past relationship without naming her old partner, who she is directing the song to.

She uses Rolex watches as a metaphor for the time she wasted being with him.

The track is soothing and the lyrics is prose anyone can relate to.

“Just Askin,” has a vibe that she’s indirectly making fun of someone and calling them out but is still a catchy song.

Overall, Azalea truly delivers  a strong hip hop sound on her  debut  album.

The beats and lyrics collectively  give Azalea a great starting point to her career.

“The New Classic” was released April 22 and is available on iTunes.

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