Parkour legend hits the big screen

By Jesus Figueroa

Exciting and fast-paced film “Brick Mansion” combines American car-racing action with French style extreme running parkour to entice moviegoers.

Parkour is a form of extreme tumbling and running which includes flips and jumps in unconventional ways, such as rooftop to rooftop jumps, with no protective gear.

The incredible stunts keep audiences on the edge of their seats, during the vital moments of every chase, on-foot or in car.

Undercover cop Damien, played by the late Paul Walker, uses unconventional methods to bring to justice the criminals of an organization he believes is responsible for the murder of  his father.

This being one of Walker’s final roles, he played the lead but with the same type of role he played in other films. He excites but does not dominate the film. His charisma is overpowered by his co-star David Belle whose high-octane stunts make the action in the film extreme.

Ex-con Lino, played by parkour legend David Belle, steals a large amount of drugs from crime boss Tremaine, played by rapper RZA, who is said to be linked to his father’s death.

Belle showcases his parkour skills and gives the audience a demonstration of why many consider him the founder of parkour.

He steals the action scenes with his over-the-top stunts and acrobatic fight scenes. He is considered by many to be the founder of parkour and who got people excited about the sport.

RZA fits well into this role and brings extra charisma to his character. In past films he has had a forced feel, almost as if he did not fit the role, but in this film he has a more organic role.

Brick Mansions is a section of Detroit in which the worst criminals are housed. Tremaine is not only the leader of the criminals, making him the unofficial mayor, but also one of the most feared.

The Mayor of Detroit, played by Brice Ramsay, sends Damien into Brick Mansions to help with a volatile situation.

Tremaine gets his hands on a powerful explosive and Damien goes into Brick Mansions to stop Tremaine from unltimate destruction.

Lino and Damien team up to help each other out through on-foot chases.

Lino dominates in the excitement, and car chases, which Damien also makes exciting.

The story is simple and allows the action to be in the forefront of the film.

The payoff of the film is the magnificent aspect of the film. Belle goes from calm and collected to high-flying, bouncing off the walls in a matter of seconds.

The prominent parkour style of the film is not typical of action films, which rely on big explosions to keep audiences interested, but the use of extreme stunts gives more excitement than an explosion.

There isn’t much to the film and it all seems to go by quick, with a runtime of 90 minutes.

The ending is not what’s expected and is satisfying. The story is lacking, but the fast-paced and thrilling stunts are unexpected and save the film.

The film is action-heavy and well worth seeing in theaters.

“Brick Mansions” opened in theaters last Friday. The film is rated PG-13.

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