Students struggle to stay in school

By Diego Olivares

Dropping out of college is a serious decision that requires a lot of thought.Students have to make a choice about dropping out or not.

Anyone who goes to community college, or any college, reaches a limit.Some students don’t mind the time span as long as they reach their future goals.Others don’t feel that at all and dropout to move on with life.

Being a student who’s feeling the urge of leaving school, I should know.I’ve been going to East Los Angeles College for a year and half now. I came to school with high hopes of accomplishing something in life.

I was willing to work as hard as possible to reach my goals and be successful.Over the last two months, my feelings have been otherwise.

There’s times where I find myself not caring about school anymore. This includes having thoughts about dropping out of ELAC.

It wouldn’t surprise me if others felt the same. Though why is it students have these thoughts?
What leads them to making a choice like this?

People think differently and have their own reasons. This ranges from lack of interest to personal matters.

According to an Apollo Research Institute statistic, 49.1 percent of adult students drop due to school interfering with personal routine.This includes working and managing time for family and friends.

Adding school to the mix puts more pressure on a person.As someone who is currently working and has personal issues, I relate to this.

A common reason students drop is due to financial problems. Many college students could relate to this motive.According to the same study, 71.3 percent of adult students drop due to stress about college expenses.They have to pay rent, bills and personal expenses as well.

Some may not have enough to cover their college expenses like books, transportation, fees and  other requirements.Another reason could be a lack of interest in education.

Some people don’t want to endure two to four years, or maybe more.They simply lack patience and want to move on to something else.

They figure that they could find employment and start a life. This is another reason I find myself losing interest in school.This could be having gone to many schools prior to ELAC, including another community college.

There must be way a student can overcome this, something that changes their minds and allows them to continue school.In all honestly, there’s really not a simple answer for this.

As mentioned before, people think differently from others. Just because one answer works for few doesn’t mean it’ll work for all.

Of course students could plan things out, but it’s not successful for everyone. Dropping out of college is really up to the person making the choice.

It’s an option they would have to make on their own and think hard about because the outcome will affect their lives.

They could realize that they need school  and continue their education, otherwise some feel like they made a mistake and want to try something else.

Whatever the outcome is, they have to really look into it and be honest with themselves.

Students have to know whether dropping out of college is the right or wrong choice.Decisions like this could have either a positive or negative effect on the rest of their lives.

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