Greek grill offers less than extraordinary dishes

By Amanda Rodarte

Less than a twenty minute drive from East Los Angeles College, and located at one of the latest sites in downtown Los Angeles; George’s Greek Grill offers “fast, fresh, food” at a decent price.

The restaurant is located at the newest shopping center in downtown.

Located at the first level of the shopping center, George’s Grill creates a very fresh and clean feel environment with its impeccably clean space, and bright white décor, offers a very hip vibe.

From authentic mediterranean food to an unconventional twist to hamburgers, George’s Greek Grill has a large variety that can please everyone.

George’s Greek Grill  offers  many appetizers from salads to French fries.

But if you want something out of the ordinary, their dolmathes are delicious. Pronounced as (dohl-MAH-thes) ,  are made of grape leaves along with tomatoes and spices.

Customers have the choice between non-vegetarian dolmas with are made with Angus ground meat or the veggie alternative has rice.

Dolmas have an unique indescribable taste at $5.99 for 4. Probably one of the best items of the menu.

The Lemon Chicken wrap was good, but caused a bit of a mess because of its thick sauce.

It had a nice citrus grilled taste, the pita bread was delicious. The meal also offers the options of fries, rice, brown rice, or salad as sides.

Unfortunately, it was nothing extraordinary.

For a more of the Greek taste, the gyro (euro) which is shaved beef/lamb meat is highly recommended.

The plate may seem pricey at $12, but it’s a decent amount of food.

Entrees also come with rice or fries, salad, and a decent sized wrap.

Aside from a wide range of appetizers and entrees,customers are immediately greeted with a large variety of specialty drinks upon entrance.

People may choose from imported Mexican sodas, a wide range of iced tea, bottled water, and regular fountain drinks in the front.

Along with the range of drinks, the grill offers two of their newest drinks: cucumber limeade and watermelon cooler.

These two drinks are exclusively made each day by the workers, and guarantee complete freshness.

The cucumber limeade was refreshing making it perfect for the upcoming summer season. It had the right amount of lime and cucumber which gave it a very cool flavor.

In the other hand, the watermelon cooler was not as satisfying.

The first time purchasing watermelon cooler, is came with a promising taste and the natural texture to it. With all the watermelon pulp it had, it had a homemade taste to it.

The second time however was unsuccessful. The drink has a twist that almost went unnoticed the first time, but overwhelmingly strong the second.

Instead of using regular water as the base, rose water is used to give it an unusual taste.

It may sound like a “pretty” idea at first, if it’s not overdone. Buyer Beware.

The drinks range from $1.89- $3.00.

Mondays – Saturdays are the busiest days of the week since it is located at the heart of downtown. Sundays are their least busy.

George’s Greek Grill is located on Fig at 7th, 735 South Figueroa Street, Suite 131, Los Angeles. It opens Monday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Saturday – Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.





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