Vision Club showcases ELAC talent

By Brittany Hauer

The Vision Club hosted its Third Annual Talent Show on Friday May 9 in the East Los Angeles College auditorium.

Fellow club members pass out sidewalk chalk to the young children so they can practice artistic expression.

The night was filled with twenty-seven acts.

First place was awarded to Melody Valenzuela who sang and played guitar to original piece “Loraine,” which she dedicated to her mother.

Her voice  was raw and unique.

As she accepted her first place award, she thanked her parents for being supportive.

“I was so nervous to perform, my hands got clammy and I felt a pit in my stomach. My nerves never went away. I still have them talking to you. I am so thankful for winning, it was unexpected,” Valenzuela said.

Second place was awarded to Eros Jaden Mars who performed slam poetry.

Third place was awarded to Emily Gonzalez, Marylyn Perez, Nadine Bueno, Larry H, Silvino Reyes, Jimmy Ramirez, Erny Vibal, Clara Herrera, and Brenda Barrera, who danced to Michael Jacksons “Thriller.”

After coming back from intermission this group opened up the second half of the show.

An honorable mention was awarded to the a cappella group The B Sharps who was in perfect harmony as they sing a medley of popular songs. 

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