Near death experience changes student’s life

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By Daniela Hernandez

From a near death experience to planning her future, for Stephanie Merino, life hasn’t been easy.

Merino, remembers the day she and her family went on a hiking trip. At the time she was just 12 years old.

What was supposed to be a fun family trip turn into a nightmare at the mountains of Azusa. As her father was driving up the hill he decided the needed rest.

When suddenly, he drove off the wrong way and drove off at the edge of the cliff.

“It made me value, it made me think…it made me appreciate my parents, family,” Marino said.

“Everything can change in a moment and how your whole life can turn around by your actions and decisions,” she said.

Merino, 18,has two brothers, one that is older and another one that is younger than her.

Merino resides in Lincoln Heights, California with both of her parents.

Merino graduated from Lincoln High School in 2013. Currently, this is her first year as an East Los Angeles College student.

“I planned to get a bachelor’s degree in social work,” Marino said.

“I plan on transferring to a UC,” she said.


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