Forgetting to register on time takes toll on students

CN/Melissa De La RivA
CN/Melissa De La RivA

By David Ly

The East Los Angeles College registration program could be improved.

One of the most complained about things is missing the registration date.

When I was a freshman I missed my registration date for spring. Most people do not know when to register because they are not notified.

The way ELAC notifies students is through their East Los Angeles College ACE email. When logging in, the system shows students their email, yet the majority click past it.

The college could teach us to enter our emails when we register for the school and just use that email instead of the ACE one.

Students can also log on the ELAC email system and forward into their regular email address. Forwarding their East Los Angeles College email is not something every student knows how to do.

The email system makes it very difficult to register for classes.

A lot of people miss their registration date because they forget to check.

There are numerous ways to improve the current registration system. One way is to teach students how to forward their school email addresses to their personal ones.

Another way could be how the school notifies students to do the VTEA survey. All students do the survey, and this would be a great way to remind students.

Students check their personal emails more often than they do their school email. Additionally, the school could put up a giant banner or announcement on the actual ELAC website, “Don’t Forget to Register for (Season)!”

Eventually, all students do register maybe when they’re asked what classes they’re taking next quarter.  It’s probably a person’s favorite way to find out it’s time to register again. Students should be encouraged to check their East Los Angeles College email more often.

Personally, I never do, unless, I have a class that requires me to check my ELAC email.

Furthermore, ELAC sends out a schedule of classes.

An approximate registration date attached could be beneficial, or even just the month.

We all want to get the classes we need.

No one wants to take left over classes just because they are still open.

Additionally, trying to add a class is not a very consistent way to get a desired class.

I am sure many students, if not all students, will appreciate a friendly reminder from the college to register for the next quarter.

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