International student tutors ELAC students

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By Yuge Jiang

Many ELAC students go to the Learning Center looking for help of their studies, Keyu Xuan is one of the most popular tutors in the Learning Center and involved in numerous activities.

Unlike many other tutors, Xuan doesn’t have an English background to start with because he is an international student from China who worked hard to do be a tutor.

Xuan tutors students in Math and Chemistry.

In the spring of 2011, Xuan came to the United State by himself.  He was 20 years old.

Just like many other foreigners, Xuan came to this country without knowing much English.

He had Studied some English in China, but the amount of English he learned before wasn’t enough.

Once in the United States, he realized that learning English was the top priority for him if he wants to succeed.

As soon as he enrolled at ELAC, he stated to looking for new ways to learn English.

Xuan decided to join some school clubs to socialize with native speakers.

The English as Second Language club was the first club he attended. It forced Xuan communicate with others in English, as he was the Treasure of the club.

Xuan’s English skills improved. Xuan along with his new fiends started up a new club called “ Health Beauty Club.” He became the vice president of the club.

Xuan would help fellow classmates solve math problems during break time. After a conversation with Professor Siswanto, Xuan realized he should help more students.

Xuan sent in the application to the Learning Center, and then became an official tutor.

Even though being a traditional good student was very important to Xuan, his goal was more than that.

Attending ELAC’s marching band was one of Xuan’s highlights during his school life.

As a clarinet player in China since he was 10 years old, Xuan  joined ELAC’s marching band.

Outside the school, Xuan also likes to spend his time meaningfully.

Through a classmate’s recommendation he became a volunteer at Heritage Manor Healthcare Center in Monterey Park and helped the elderly. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but after the first volunteering section, Xuan decided that he wanted to do it regularly.

“My parents always educated me to treat everybody with gratitude. No matter how much power I have, I would not only repay to the people who helped me, but also don’t forget to give a hand to the people who need my help.”

Currently, this is Xuan’s final semester at ELAC. In the past three years, he has done well academically, including receiving many scholarships and honors, such as Genice Everhart Scholarship and UCLA STEM SITE Camp Active Member.

He has received offers from UCLA and UC Berkeley, but has chosen to transfer to UC Berkeley and study statistics.

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