Latin music contains rich history

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By Cristina Berumen

Latin music is infused in many of the popular music that comes out these days, but it has a deep rooted history which gives it it’s fascinating sound.

Many positive messages of love and friendship are conveyed through Latin music.

Music alone is a universal way to communicate with other cultures and can be enjoyed by many even if the language of the vocals cannot be understood.

As an art form, music can be uplifting or an output of personal expression.

Latin music history starts with the influence of indigenous tribes such as the Mayans, who produced many kinds of percussion and wind instruments such as drums and flutes.

The arrival of Columbus  brought European languages and styles to Latin music, which helped to expand the style.

Along with European styles, Africans also have influences in the Latin music. The African beats and rhythms can be heard prominent on many music tracks and are one of the most important elements in the music.

These influences touch on many Latin music songs which are enjoyed by people all around the world. Music genres such as Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Timba and many styles from Brazil and the Caribbean.

Shows in the US, like “Dancing with the Stars,” use these songs often.

The Neilson Rating Company reported the hit show’s Latin Music special as the most watched episode for unscripted series on air. As the most popular show of that week, the show totaled with almost 16 million viewers.

Music artist such as Celia Cruz, Carlos Santana, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Tito Puentes, Gloria Estefan and Shakira have brought Latin music to a world audience and continue to improve Latin music.

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