Technology dominates students’ social life

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By Margarita Cancino

East Los Angeles College and many other schools including high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools are seeing less socializing going on physically and more socializing going on with electronic devices in hand.

Most people learn more information about a person with looking at another person’s social network.

Students today are so worried about self-promotion that they are likely to post what they believe others would approve of rather than something they don’t think anyone but them would care for.

Social Networks is a place where students are able to post the good and bad that they want others to see.

How social is it to be in a room full of people with everyone in their own little world on the internet? What good is having an amazing conversation in person with a group of your friends, when a group message could do just that?

Students are becoming more addicted to these social networks and are becoming less social in the real world.

When walking on campus, or somewhere like the mall, a smart phone is in the hand of most people.

It is easier to have a phone in hand and avoid making eye contact with a random stranger on the bus or walking to class.

Imagine how interesting it would be to get to know someone outside of a chatroom? How much more social it would feel to look someone in the eyes, instead of a screen name.

It’s getting harder for students to step out of their comfort zone and ask a stranger at school for something as simple as a pen because on social networks you don’t have to see a person.

Studies have found that people who spend more time on social networks are more depressed. They spend so much time seeing other post pictures, and “status” about how much fun others are having or how good their lives are and makes them depressed.

Students are relying more on social networks keeping them entertained that they are forgetting to co-exist in the real world.

Students would interact among each other in classes to the point where some teachers would need to quiet their classrooms.

Now, teachers walk into half empty classrooms and ask students to turn off and put away their phones and electronic devices.

If students just took the time to put down their phones and look up for once they would notice how much they are missing in the real world.

People don’t understand how many friendships, relationships and interests they have passed up for the simple fact that they never looked up from their phones.

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