Food trucks on campus offer food variety

By Andrew Ruiz

East Los Angeles College has made some huge renovations and remodeling’s to its main campus — whether it’s the Technology building (E-7), the Social Sciences building (F7) or the semi-new parking structure on Floral Drive and Collegi  an Avenue – over the last couple of years.

With more buildings being remodeled, there has been one department where I personally think ELAC has lacked in trying to better, food.

Yes, there are places like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Carls Jr. and The Hat that have been the main go-to eateries you can find students before or after classes at Atlantic and Cesar Chavez/Riggin. Recently, even a Chipotle has been added to Atlantic Square Plaza.

But, what about on campus?

There is no cafeteria and aside from campus clubs who sell food every Thursday, the only main source of on-campus food is Malibu Bagels.

Eating the same stuff over and over and resorting to Malibu Bagels because it’s quick and just a few steps away from wherever my class is on campus is something I’ve done numerous times and I know Elans have done so as well.

ELAC needs to host some sort of bi-weekly food truck event.

There are more than 100 food trucks, of many food varieties, in Los Angeles County.

The best thing about food trucks is that the majority of them offer different variety of foods. They stay at one location for three to four hours and then move on to the next location.

Different food trucks can sell food on-campus on different days.

Los Angeles City College, California State University Fullerton and California State University, Long Beach are just some of the college campuses that all have numerous food-truck visits multiple times a month.

ELAC has more than 25,000 students enrolled and is a perfect candidates to have food trucks come out once or twice a month.

Food trucks can offer something staff and students can enjoy.



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